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     Our thoughts allow us to create. The scenes created as light spills into life’s shadows are some of the most incredible. The human spirit provides us with drive and my vision enables me to see the nuances of light. My camera allows me to walk through the invisible lines etched into society while I seek to capture a moment that will stimulate our souls.

“Lighting requires power distribution and rigging, but lighting isn’t just running cable and plugging in lights. Lighting is about stroking the scene at hand with complimentary instruments of illumination allowing the viewer to release from the here and now and to absorb into the picture at hand. Lighting is powerful, mood changing and keeps television from becoming radio.”

     Peter Pearce is a Local 600 Director of Photography / 728 gaffer-set lighting technician/ Long Beach City College instructor (18 semesters) / Lighting Designer based in Los Angeles. He can expose film, HD video, light live events and more.

                                                                               LinkedIn – peter pearce


Any images seen on this site may be printed on stretched canvas. Inquiries welcomed.

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